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Custom Cabinetry:

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To Fulfill Any Need:

  • Each member of our family-owned business has twenty to fifty years experience
  • Previous projects have spanned all design styles:
    traditional, classical, country, modern, contemporary...and all forms thereof
  • Drafting and design staff has Kitchen & Bath & Closet Design background
  • Hand-drawn design plans and shop drawings
  • Electrical, plumbing, mechanical plans and lighting plans available
  • Completely custom: in-shop fabrication of doors and moldings
  • Specialty finishes: distress, glazing, book-match veneers
  • General Contractors License to complete your entire project
  • Bonded and Insured

Working With:

  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Builders and Contractors
  • Homeowners

Projects for:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Retail

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About Us
When we started Artful Craftsmen Design, Incorporated in 1989, we knew that we wanted to create something very special. We believed that our passion for quality craftsmanship, along with our many years of building experience, is what would make all the difference in the world – and it has. It’s the difference between acceptable and exceptional, commonplace and one of a kind. It’s the difference between Artful Craftsmen and all the others.

We also felt that the most important part of running a business is to put the customer’s needs first. To us, custom-made has always meant just that, each piece is specifically made for each customer. Whether we’re developing custom cabinets for Interior Designers, Contractors, Architects or homeowners; your den, kitchen, bedroom, closets, monster garage, home office or laundry room; your needs, wishes and personal taste is what drives us. Our ornamental iron division is also here to serve you.
Our Design Process
At Artful Craftsmen, our design process revolves around you. We begin by interviewing you to assess your specific needs. Which areas of the home would you like to affect? What kind of storage do you need? How many shelves? Will the drawers and doors be self-closing? Will there be a display case? Then, we will survey the space you wish to transform. Because there’s more to cabinets and closets than measurements, we will examine and record all the particulars of the space, such as the texture and condition of surrounding walls. We’ll work with you to create custom solutions. Last, but not least, we’ll incorporate your personal style into the overall design.
Assessing Your Needs
There are so many wonderful options with kitchens and baths that we like to sit down with our design book and get an idea of what you would like to accomplish. When it comes to closets and storage, there are a million ways to go. You can go with just shelving. You can use a combination of shelves and drawers or shelves and hanging space. You get the picture. That’s where we come in. At Artful Craftsmen, we specialize in assessing your needs to build the most perfectly matched cabinets, closet or storage space for you. Our years in custom cabinet, storage solutions, closet building and woodwork-design guarantees it.
Creating a Custom Solution
You need a coffered ceiling, kitchen cabinets or shelves built into your closet, but your walls aren’t exactly square. You want to convert an angled corner into storage space. Your garage looks like a landfill. No problem. At Artful Craftsmen, our specialty is creating custom solutions for our clients. And, the final design will not be compromised by our feats of engineering mastery. We use a laser level and build to accommodate any variations in the walls. Since we take great pride in our work, we always deliver a beautiful end-product.
Choosing Your Personal Style
Choosing your personal style for your cabinets, custom closet or storage space is really more about expressing yourself through the design. If you’re home, and the rooms in your home are a reflection of your personality, why shouldn’t your closets be also? We believe at Artful Craftsmen that your personality should come shining through every custom cabinet, closet and storage center we build for you. That’s why we offer a variety of; wood grains, finishes, knobs, molding and decorative touches.
Custom Building and Installation
Eventually, it comes time to open your eyes, and lay down the sketch pad. By this time, we will have completed the design and building plan to your custom cabinets, closet or organizational space, which will include measurements, your personal choice of materials and features and all the details of the job. We’ll then return to the Artful Craftsmen facility where we will assemble and pack every single piece of wood board as well as every single accessory, such as the handles, knobs drawer slides, and rods according to the specifications of your custom cabinets, closets or custom organizational space. Then comes the last step, the installation. Having done all our homework, the custom installation will be smooth, quick and easy.
This is where we shine. The reason for this is because we build in your best interest. We build all of our cabinets at our shop, not at your house. This ensures a level foundation for building a square cabinet. Cabinets are then transported in trucks or vans to your home.

Our machinery is state of the art and updated to make sure we have precision cuts, edges and the best quality. Our saw blades are sharpened and changed every day and tooling checked and rechecked to make sure no chipping or blemishes occur.

We reinforce all of our cabinets from the bottom with a toe kick and for shelves over 36” we use a 3” stiffener to eliminate any sagging. We also provide you with 4 shelves in our tall cabinets, the most in the industry. Our cabinets all come with backing as a standard, not an upgrade.

Backing is important to a cabinet because it strengthens it, keeps it square (imperative for doors) and keeps it from cracking.

We use a wide range of materials from wood grain veneers to double-sided industrial particle board with thermally fused melamine. The core is the densest pine industrial board pressed at 45 pounds. It is made for us in Dillard, Oregon and is simply the best.

Please come and visit our facility and see the differences for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Artful Craftsmen Design, Inc. approach each project?
Artful Craftsmen approaches each building project as if it were its only building project. So, we take the time to get to know each client and each job intimately. This means we listen carefully to every customer. Then, we design to their specifications. In this way, we are able to build every customer the cabinets, closets, storage centers and ornamental iron of their dreams to match the home of their dreams.
How do you know which materials to use?
The blueprint – based on the client’s specifications – is what provides the ingredients for the building recipe, so to speak. In other words, materials are chosen based on the needs and tastes of each client. The client chooses the wood grains, the finishes and even the hardware. We have an extensive display in our showroom to get your design juices flowing.
Does quality mean costly?
Quality does not have to mean costly. In fact, we believe quality often means savings because a quality product usually lasts a lifetime compared to a product that is made cheaply and requires maintenance, or worse to be replaced after a short period of time. Yes folks, cutting corners can actually have a short shelf life and end up costing you more in the long run. At Artful Craftsmen, we use only quality materials, parts and service. And, we stand by all our work.
What if the cabinet, closet or storage space is shared by more than one person, such as an entertainment center in a family room? How do you then meet everyone’s needs?
Building organizational furniture for more than one person such as families and couples is actually what we do most often. While balancing everybody’s needs may be challenging, ultimately, a common ground is always found. This is the place where we begin the creative process. From there, it is quite easy to design and build for a group.
I am / we are ready. How do we get started with Artful Craftsmen?
Call us 310-579-7383 or send us an e-mail at and a representative from Artful Craftsmen will speak with you about what you are looking to have done. Then, we will schedule an appointment to visit you in your home or office and provide you with a free estimate. It’s that simple.
I am not quite ready, but I am interested. Is there anything I can do in the meantime before I contact Artful Craftsmen?
First, visit us online at and bookmark the site. Next, start to imagine the cabinets, closet, kitchen or entertainment center of your dreams. Think about what you will need and how you will want the room or space to look. Look in architecture and interior design magazines and take cuttings of units that you like.  If you wish, measure the area to give you a better sense of the space. Then, when you are ready, give us a call at 310-579-7383 or send us an e-mail at We’ll take it from there.
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